Financial Assistance

Build A Dream Contingency Funds

In many cases, the biggest hurdles women face when entering the red seal trades are financial. We have established the Contingency Fund, which will grant funds to women and gender minority persons who are experiencing financial stress due to unexpected work expenses. These funds will be granted on a case-by-case basis in an amount up to $375.00 for expenses such as; 

  • Work related equipment such as steel toed boots, tools, safety clothing, safety glasses etc.  
  • Unexpected childcare costs such as paying for a babysitter for a sick child or for overtime and shift work.  
  • Exam and certification fees  
  • Skills or coursework upgrading  
  • Unexpected work-related travel expenses  

For more please book in an information call with our Career Coach.

External Financial Resources

Federal Financial Resources

A comprehensive list of other financial supports can he found here on the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s website.

Parental Resources

In Canada (except for Quebec) all parents regardless of gender are entitled to up to 78 weeks (about 1 and a half years) of shared paid parental leave to care for a child who has been born or adopted. Protection of your job is guaranteed under all Employment Standards Legislation provincially, and each province also offer different lengths of pregnancy or maternity leave that can be used by the person giving birth.  

Parental Leave Information